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IFWInland Fisheries and Wildlife (Maine)
IFWInstitut für Weltwirtschaft (German: Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
IFWInternet Fraud Watch
IFWInformation Framework
IFWInternet Firewall
IFWImaging for Windows
IFWInternational Freighting Weekly (news service)
IFWImage File Wrapper
IFWInternational Fight Week
IFWInertia Friction Welding (South Bend, IN)
IFWInternet Fraud Watch (National Consumers League)
IFWInformation Framework (enterprise architecture)
IFWIndustrial Fire World
IFWInterference Free Window
IFWInternational Friendship Weekend (est. 1988)
IFWInstitut Für Wissenschaftstransfer durch Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (Universität Bremen)
IFWInitial Fees Worksheet (home financing)
IFWImages From Within (Ed Reininga art website)
IFWInstitut für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, ETH Zürich (German)
IFWIncentive Freebie Website
IFWInjection Flood-Wash
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Paper presented at the meeting of International Pacific Friends Societies, International Friendship Weekend 1992, San Francisco, CA.
Annual International Friendship Weekend (Asian-American relations) to be held in Pittsburgh Aug 28-Sept 1.
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