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IMBInternational Mission Board
IMBInstitute for Molecular Bioscience (Brisbane, Australia)
IMBIntelligent Mail Barcode (USPS)
IMBInternational Maritime Bureau
IMBInternet and Mobile Banking (various companies)
IMBIrish Medicines Board
IMBInstituto de Microelectronica de Barcelona (Spanish: Barcelona Microelectronics Institute; Barcelona, Spain)
IMBInstitute of Medical Biology (Agency for Science, Technology and Research; Singapore)
IMBIntegrated Media Block (digital cinema)
IMBIntelligent Mail Barcode
IMBIndyMac Bank (Pasadena, CA)
IMBInternational Medieval Bibliography (est. 1967; University of Leeds; UK)
IMBInstitute for Marine Biosciences (Canada)
IMBInternational Merchant Bank (Nigeria)
IMBInstitute of Management Bhubaneswar (India)
IMBInternational Marriage Broker
IMBInternational Management Board
IMBI Am Back
IMBIndependent Monitoring Boards (UK)
IMBIstituto di Moda Burgo (Italian fashion design school)
IMBI Am Bored
IMBIntermenstrual Bleeding
IMBIllawarra Mutual Building Society (Australian credit union)
IMBInput Message Buffer
IMBIntel Media Bench
IMBInteroperability Management Board
IMBInitial Medical Board
IMBIkatan Mahasiswa Biologi Untuk Konservasi Lingkungan
IMBInstitut für Molekulare Biotechnologie eV (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology; Germany)
IMBInternational Marriage Bureau (website)
IMBInstituto Mixto Básico (Guatemalan private school)
IMBInoffizieller Mitarbeiter zur Beeinflussung (Political Police Influence Agent, GDR)
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[section] 1375(b)(1) (2000), repealed by the International Marriage Broker Act of 2005, H.R.
The international marriage broker shall collect a certification signed (in written, electronic, or other form) by the United States client accompanied by documentation or an attestation of the following background information about the United States client:
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