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ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
ISSNInternational Society of Sports Nutrition (Woodland Park, CO)
ISSNInternational Studies Schools Network (Asia Society)
ISSNIntegrated Special Services Network
ISSNInternational Society for the Study of Narrative (scholarly organization)
ISSNInternational School of Skin & Nailcare (Atlanta, GA)
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International standard serial number.
In the process he learned that he had to apply for a new ISSN, the International Standard Serial Number that uniquely identifies each periodical (or "serial") around the world to, among others, librarians, scholars, the Copyright Clearance Center, and USPS in the case of periodical-rate mailings.
For e-journals to be covered in ISA, they must include an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and contain substantial research or review articles in the field.
* an International Standard Serial Number or USPS number different from that of the host publication.
National Librarian and Chief Executive Officer of National Library of Nigeria, Professor Lenrie Aina, also revealed that over 70 per cent of publications from MDAs deposited with NLN do not carry International Book Number (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).
This issue of the CARING newsletter welcomes the addition of our newly assigned International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).
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