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IYEInternational Year of Ecotourism (2002; UN)
IYEYemenia Yemen Airways (ICAO code)
IYEInternational Youth Exchange
IYEIn Your Eye (gaming clan)
IYEIndonesia Young Entrepreneurs
IYEIfetayo Youth Ensemble (est. 1989; Brooklyn, NY)
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In 2002, the International year of Ecotourism, the organization was renamed Ecotourism Australia Limited (EA).
The declaration by the United Nations of 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism certified on one hand the scale of the ecotourism phenomenon acquired in recent years, and on the other hand emphasizes the concerns on the global understanding and adoption by all Member a position pro ecotourism.
Ecotourism is a tool having potential for contributing to sustainable livelihoods of local communities and conservation of natural environments which has been recognized internationally when the United Nation declared 2002 as the International Year of Ecotourism [7].
International Year of Ecotourism. Available in: http://www.twnside.org.sg/title/iye10.htm.(Accessed 07.12.2013).
The United Nations even billed 2002 the "International Year of Ecotourism."
Ecotourism came of age in 2002, the U.N.-declared International Year of Ecotourism.
As director of the International Year of Ecotourism program for The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), I had the opportunity to see these amazing sights.
The Welsh Meat Company will be forging links with agricultural delegates from across Europe when Snowdonia National Park play host to this year's Europarc conference which starts its three-day run tomorrow as part of the United Nation's International Year of the Mountains and International Year of Ecotourism.
28 announcement, the United Nations declared 2002 the International Year of Ecotourism in an attempt to raise public awareness about tourism's impact on nature and cultural heritages and to promote responsible travel.
See also Luis Vivanco, "The International Year of Ecotourism in an Age of Uncertainty," Clearinghouse for Reviewing Ecotourism, 23 (2002), available from the Tourism and Investigation Monitoring Team: tim-team@access.inet.co.th.
The United Nations declared 2002 the International Year of Ecotourism to promote this fast-growing segment of the $3.5 trillion travel industry partly because of the great potential it has for helping the world's economically depressed areas.
`Ecotourism' -- it's a buzzword this year as 2002 has been declared the International Year of Ecotourism by the UN.
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