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IATIntelligent Agent Technology
IATInternational ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transaction
IATIntra-African Trade
IATInformation Assurance Training (various organizations)
IATImplicit Association Test
IATIntake Air Temperature
IATInternet Access and Telecommunications
IATImport Address Table
IATInstituto Andaluz de Tecnología (Andalusian Institute of Technology)
IATInternational Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (joint IEEE, WIC and ACM conference)
IATIt's About Time
IATImpact Assessment Tool (software)
IATIntervention Assistance Team
IATInstitute of Aerospace Technology (Japan)
IATInstitute of Advanced Telecommunications (Swansea University)
IATIndirect Antiglobulin Test
IATInstitute for Academic Technology (University of North Carolina)
IATInternational Appalachian Trail (US and Canada)
IATInter-Arrival Time
IATInstitute for Advanced Technology
IATIndividual Acceptance Test
IATInformation Access Technology (provider)
IATInternational Atomic Time
IATInternet Addiction Test
IATIwate Asahi Television (Japan)
IATInstitute of Accounting Technicians
IATInter Account Transfer (banking)
IATIndependent Assessment Team
IATInterarrival Time (of messages at a queue)
IATImplicit Attitude Test
IATInstitute of Armament Technology (Pune, India)
IATIt's A Trap! (website, Admiral Ackbar)
IATI Am Terrified (band)
IATIndividual Average Transaction (accounting)
IATIncome After Tax
IATIndividual Aircraft Tracking
IATInvestment Analysis Team
IATInter-Agency Transfer
IATIntegrated Access Terminal
IATIndicated Air Temperature
IATInternal Active Audit
IATInternet Access Time
IATIntegrated Avionics Trainer
IATIosa Auditor Training
IATInfrastructure Assessment Team
IATInformation Arts &Technology
IATInitial Acceptance Test
IATImage Auto-Tracker
IATInitial Acceptance Testing
IATInter-Active Telecommunications
IATIntelligent AFTN Terminal (aviation)
IATInstituto de Ensino e Investigação em Audiovisuais e Tecnologias de Comunicação (Portugal)
IATInternational Aerospace Technology
IATIntegration and Test Charge-Back System
IATInteroperative Autotransfusion
IATInter-Application Testing (Sprint)
IATInternal Acceptance Test
IATImage Auto/Automatic Track (military helicopter)
IATInteroperability Assessment Tool
IATIP Access Trunk
IATICEA Approved Trainer
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First of all researcher gives personal information questionnaire to participants, which consists of the information about participants, gender, age and socioeconomic class, which takes 5to 10 minutes, then administered Internet addiction test, which was completed within 40 minutes, and in last administered Perceived Social Support Scale which also takes 40 minutes to be filled.
A meta-analysis of the reliabilty of young's internet addiction test.
The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) is the first validated instrument to assess internet addiction.
Edited Internet Addiction Test (IAT-20) ORIGINAL REVISED 1 How often do you find you stay How often do you find that you on-line longer than you stay on-line longer than you intended?
Internet addiction among Greek university students: Demographic associations with the phenomenon, using the Greek version of Young's Internet Addiction Test.
The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) by Young (1998 is made up of 20 items, the responses to which follow a five-point Likert-type scale.
Data source: In this cross-sectional study, patients in methadone maintenance treatment clinics were evaluated using the Internet Addiction Test.
In this Internet Addiction Test (IAT), each item is measured using a 5-point Likert scale (1 = Never; 5 = Very Frequently).
The main limitations of most previous measuring instruments, such as the Internet Addiction Test (IAT; Young, 1998), is that they present a one-dimensional structure (Davis, Flett, & Besser, 2002) or were developed from an atheoretical perspective (e.
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