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IMDbInternet Movie Database
IMDbin Memory Data Base
IMDbInternet Movie Data Base
IMDbImmigrant Database
IMDbIn-Memory Data Base
IMDbIntegrated Maintenance Data Base
IMDbIntegrated Missile Data Base
IMDbInteractive Mission Data Base
IMDbImagery Management Database
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200m The number of monthly visitors to the Internet Movie Database
Since 2003 her profile has been available on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), which is owned by Amazon, when she joined the site as an unknown actress.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), a website offering information on movies, TV and celebrities operated by IMDb.
One website, the Internet Movie Database, indicated that women reacted to the movie twice as positively as did men.
Released to widespread delight this summer, this musical remake of John Waters' cult 1988 movie now has an even higher rating on the Internet Movie Database than the original.
Raw, limpid, poetic, and above all, true,' is how one commentator on the Internet movie database puts it, calling Brokeback Mountain a 'cinematic landmark.
When I tell him that there are people posting notes on the Internet movie database complaining that the real Frankie Wilde is pissed off because someone made a movie about him without asking his permission, Dowse cracks up.
The online retailer sells videos and DVDs on its site and has owned the film research site Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for five years.
But you would have to go to the Internet Movie Database to find out that Winfield spent 30 of his 62 years with set designer and Architect Charles Gillan Jr.
The 1975 film took a quarter of the votes in a joint poll by online retailer Amazon and the Internet Movie Database.
Lived there for a time and made her first movie in French, Les Mille et Une Nuits, which one punter on the Internet Movie Database warns you to avoid ``unless you want to see [CZJ's] youthful body covered in discretely placed sea shells.
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