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INAVInternet Navigation
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INAVInteractive Navigation (Aviation)
INAVIndoor News and Views (model airplane club)
INAVInteractive Network Active-traffic Visualization
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The Internet navigation device features pre-programmed touch sensitive keys that control browser functions, E-Mail and specific Web site destinations.
I invented the Internet navigation device specifically for use with Web browsers, making it far superior to other pointing devices.
The Internet navigation device, when combined with Opt-In Internet registration, will generate an ongoing income stream, create user loyalty, and direct visitors to demographically targeted Web sites.
Internet navigation devices could then be preprogrammed with buttons such as Home, Shopping, Search, News, Health, Finance, Sports, Travel, or any other categories or Web sites selected by the sponsoring company.
Anchor Web sites would be allowed to purchase branded Internet navigation devices to sell or give to their visitors as user loyalty incentives.
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