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INNInternational Nonproprietary Names
INNInternational Non-Proprietary Name
INNInternal Network Number
INNInternet News
INNIntermediate Network Node
INNInstitute for Neurology and Neurosurgery (New York)
INNInstituto Nacional de Normalización (Chile)
INNIntelligent Network Node
INNInsurance News Network
INNIran News Network
INNInternal Network Number Indicator (routing)
INNInter Net News
INNInstitut National de Nanotechnologie (French: National Institute for Nanotechnology; Canada)
INNInnsbruck, Austria - Kranebitten (Airport Code)
INNInter Node Network
INNInternode Network
INNIntegrated Node Network
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The subject of procurement are services consisting of monitoring the national and regional periodicals, news and current affairs programs, broadcasting and internet news sites.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Opposition parties fear that a new draft law aimed at placing Internet news portals under Turkey's Press Law might serve to strengthen the government's control over Internet media, based on recent government efforts to restrict freedom of media.
He discusses the democracy promotion industry, its goals, and actors, within the history of US and EU foreign aid programs; the development of the media assistance industry; the editorial and financial challenges faced by media; and developing-country operational responses to these problems, with examples of an online newspaper in Malaysia, a national news radio network in Indonesia, a radio and multimedia firm in Serbia and Montenegro, and an internet news magazine in Prague, as well as two media assistance providers: the Media Development Loan Fund and the South African Media Development Fund.
Los Angles (US), July 10 (ANI): Pop singer Michael Jackson's death is officially the second biggest internet news story of the 21st century, according to figures published Thursday.
Editor of internet news service Air Transport Intelligence Kieran Daly added: "We are a very long way from finding out exactly what went wrong with this flight.
Synopsis: Among daily news sources, only cable and Internet news have shown significant gains in popularity since 2006, while all other media are stable or declining.
The Journal already occupies a class of its own in the world of Internet news, with nearly one million paying subscribers, and many millions more who access our growing body of free content.
Tim Darnell, Editor, Insider Advantage Georgia,, Internet News Agency, JAMES magazine
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 September 2005-China imposes Internet news regulations(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The manufacturer paid the women to wear the contraceptive patches in full view, according to an Internet news source.
GEOFFREY THOMAS, chief executive of the BGRB, yesterday said that 24dogs, the internet news and betting service which this week announced a major streamlining, had given the greyhound industry "lessons for the way forward."
She later told News24, a South Africa Internet news source, that "one of the robbers tried to grab me, but I told him I wouldn't hesitate to kill him.
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