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(10) compared norovirus outbreak surveillance data with Google Internet query data.
The collected Internet query data for South Korea were aggregated for each month.
We assessed relationships between Internet query data for foodborne illness syndrome-related search terms and inpatient hospital stays in which bacterial foodborne illness and infectious enteritis were diagnosed in South Korea.
A recent internet query for "baseball books" returned 25,203 hits with over 5,300 of those falling into the category of "baseball history." Undaunted by the challenge of providing fresh insights on a topic that has been endlessly written about by reporters and participants, philosophers and pundits, poets and scholars for the past century and a half, Thorn invites us to join him on a tour of baseball's "Garden of Eden"--a place where myths reign supreme and facts are relegated to fuzzy footnotes discernible only to the most determined detectives.
Therefore most of the Internet query tools allow as input keywords, sometimes connected with logical operators.
We've also had an internet query from our website - - from some frantic parents.
Internet Query: this feature is still in development.
These days, he's even become an organisation courtesy of, one of "about" 150,000 Harold Pinter references you'd find with a simple internet query based on his name.
In a recent ``account verification'' scam carried out in the name of a top New York bank it was found that 40% had accepted the internet query as being genuine.
A new FTB service, IQ, which stands for Internet Query, allows you to view your clients' estimated state tax payments, current-year payment activity and their balance.
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