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ISOCInternet Society
ISOCInternal Security Operations Command (Thailand)
ISOCIntelligent System on a Chip
ISOCIntegrated System on a Chip
ISOCInterconnect System on a Chip
ISOCIslamic Society of Orange County
ISOCIEEE.Security.Org.Cipher (newsgroup)
ISOCin situ Submerged Oxygen Curtain (trademark of inVentures Technologies, Inc.)
ISOCIP Security Operations Center
ISOCIn-Service Open Challenge (Disney lifeguard competition)
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Routing security is based almost entirely on trust between networks, said Andrei Robachevsky, Senior Technology Program Manager at the Internet Society. One of the advantages of the MANRS Observatory is that it adds an element of accountability.
Locally traffic exchanged traffic has increased from less than 1 GB to close to 800 GB today," explained Dawit Bekele, Africa Regional Bureau Director for the Internet Society. "This is a remarkable The achievement thanks to the strong community established around AfPIF and I am sure that this year's event will contribute to an even more interconnected African Internet," he added.
In an exclusive interview with Arab News Jane Coffin, senior adviser to the CEO and president of the Internet Society, said: "One thing that is fascinating about the ministry and the regulator, the CITC, is that the work the government has to do here in the Kingdom on the connectivity side when there is Hajj is amazing.
Mr Motlhabane also appreciated the donation they received from the Internet Society adding that the gesture was ideal and requested assistance from other companies.
Founded by Internet pioneers, the Internet Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet.
"Through NICTEF, DICT and the Internet Society, along with the principal contributors and subject matter experts, we are showing the Asia-Pacific region how vital participatory governance is in this part of the world.
In his concluding remarks, Naveed Haq, Regional Development Manager, ISOC Asia-Pacific said digital accessibility is a priority area for Internet Society and today's event signifies commitment of regional countries to the cause.
BEIRUT: If the internet is to remain an open space, Lebanon might be well-placed to play a role in keeping it that way, according to Andrew Sullivan, the CEO and president of the Internet Society. Sullivan was recently appointed to his position in the global organization, which says it is "dedicated to ensuring that the internet stays open, transparent and defined by its users." He lost no time this week in acquainting himself with its chapter in Lebanon, which he described as "very active and effective."
The Internet Society's Andrew Sullivan tells Gulf News why he's attending the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference.
"For 26 years now, the Internet Society has been home to a global community of people who believe in a core set of values for the future of the Internet.
However, Africa needs a secure and reliable Internet infrastructure that users trust in order to bringing large and small businesses online, along with governments and other social services," said Dawit Bekele, Africa Region Bureau Director for the Internet Society.
In 2016, the Internet Society ( launched a project to take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet and engage a broad community of its members, chapters, experts and partners; thus, they conducted two global surveys that generated more than 2,500 responses from 160 countries and economies, and in addition, they interviewed more than 130 Internet experts and hosted 10 virtual roundtables.
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