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I-WORMInternet Worm (virus scanners)
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Analyzing a group with the same attachment file can be useful in detecting an Internet worm that is spread via email.
Moreover, anti-virus cannot detect unknown internet worm automatically because it uses signature in detecting worms.
London, Mar 25 (ANI): A security expert has cautioned that an Internet worm, called Conficker C, can strike at infected computers around the world on April 1.
The flaw has been rated as critical, meaning it could enable an Internet worm to replicate itself through an infected machine without the user having to do anything to the computer.
At the time they were accused of being part of an international hacking group calling itself THr34t-Krew which created an Internet worm to infect computers across the world.
They are accused of being part of an international hacking group which caused millions of pounds of damage by creating an internet worm which infected 18,000 computers worldwide.
A TEENAGER yesterday confessed in court to creating the Sasser internet worm which last year crashed thousands of computers using Microsoft Windows.
Jeffrey Lee Parson, the teenager from Hopkins, Minnesota, who wrote the Blaster-B internet worm which launched an attack against Microsoft's website has been sentenced to 18 months in prison and 10 months community service by a US District Court.
Experts have discovered Cabir -the first internet worm capable of spreading to mobile phones.
AN ULSTER council has unwittingly become entangled in world-wide computer chaos sparked by an internet worm virus.
Reiter and colleagues are seeking ways to make individual computers automatically change certain aspects of their software in order to keep an Internet worm like Code Red from rapidly invading hundreds of thousands of computers.
The foundations of the first outbreak were laid on the 25th January by the Internet worm Slammer (Helkem), which used a vulnerability in the Microsoft SQL Server in order to replicate.
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