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The contemporary smart border is, therefore, predicated upon a growing technological capability to combine RFID-equipped biometric passports and ever-more interoperational databases with algorithm-driven predictive analytics to tier border-crossing procedures and tacitly select particular individuals for further screening or, ultimately, detention.
As the examples above have shown, a significant portion of border work today is executed by autonomous, interoperational technologies that, among other things, "algorithmically designate and classify the population" (Amoore and De Goede, 2008, page 179).
IDSM is a service oriented architecture (SOA) middleware application that provides integration and interoperational services for disparate data sources.
This certainly gave comfort to many digital library builders who can claim that they're quite interoperational, just like how library automation vendors up until the late 1980s liked to say that they were mostly MARC compatible.
* the intense material handling and the presence of interoperational storage give rise to poor working environment conditions; and
* the elimination of material handling and interoperational storage; and
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