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IPSMIp Security Monitor
IPSMInterpersonal Sensitivity Measure (psychology)
IPSMInstitute of Physical Sciences in Medicine (now Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine)
IPSMIntegrated Property Service Manager (cloud technology)
IPSMIntel Persistent Storage Manager
IPSMInternational Processing Systems MeteoStar (Englewood, CO)
IPSMInternational Product Safety Management
IPSMIndustrial Parsing of Software Manuals
IPSMIntegrated Production System Modeling (SIMSCI)
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The psychometric properties of the Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure in social anxiety disorder.
Data were collected 6 months apart, and the measuring tools used were the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV, the Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure, the Chronic Strain Interview, and the Episodic Stress Interview.
Relationship of the Intensity of Habitual Guilt with the Interpersonal Sensitivity Measures and the Anxious-Aggressive and Empathic Components
The correlations of intensity of habitual guilt with the interpersonal sensitivity measures were very low with interpersonal guilt, r (339) = .17, p = .001, 95% CI = .07 [less than or equal to] r [less than or equal to] .29, and zero with empathy, r (339) = .05, p = .337, 95% CI = -.06 [less than or equal to] r [less than or equal to] .16.
In short, taken together, the results obtained in the proportion of interpersonal events variable and those obtained in the two interpersonal sensitivity measures (empathy and interpersonal guilt) suggest that, to a large extent, the differences in the proportion of interpersonal events reported by the various subgroups reflect a different level of interpersonal sensitivity: men tend to show a lower level of interpersonal sensitivity than women, although this gap seems to close in the 40-50 age group.
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