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Understanding how "mini-magnetospheres" produce a cavity in the solar wind and exclude the interplanetary magnetic field might lead the way to determining if the same mechanism could be artificially manipulated to create safe havens for future space explorers.
Second, at the point where it encounters the magnetosphere the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) must have a strong southerly component, one that opposes the Earth's field in the plane of the ecliptic.
For 12 hours, it kept the interplanetary magnetic field near Earth pointing southward, the opposite direction of Earth's own field.
The solar wind, which carries the particles from the sun's magnetic field, known as the interplanetary magnetic field, takes about three or four days to reach the Earth.
Page 283 states, "The fast-moving subatomic charged particles from the Sun attract or repel the charged gases lost by the comet" in connection with a discussion of a comet's ion tail, whereas in fact it is the interplanetary magnetic field entrained in the solar wind that provides a path for the ions to stream away (the solar wind being a collisionless plasma).
Other spacecraft had failed to make a full portrait of the interplanetary magnetic field because they took only spot measurements in or near the plane in which Earth orbits the sun.
Thomson has also found evidence for g-mode frequencies in the interplanetary magnetic field, consistent with this hypothesis.
9, it will take pictures of the planet's clouds, measure charged particles in the interplanetary magnetic field and monitor the activity of the sun in what has already proved a record-setting solar cycle.
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