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As specified in [5],[7],[8], and in [14]-[24], this architecture has several interesting features, such as: it does not use a specialized interrupt controller, the interrupts inherit the priority of the tasks (sCPUi), a task can attach none, one, several or even all the p interrupts in the system, the priority of the interrupts that are attached to the same task is established by the programmer, an interrupt that is attached to a task can interrupt a lower priority task but cannot interrupt the execution of the task to which it is attached, or a higher priority task, one interrupt can be attached only to a single task, the interrupt can be a task, all the interrupts can be attached to a single task.
The interrupt controller initiates the action to process the request.
The company offers DVD (Digital Video Disc) players, Bluetooth systems, ceiling mount monitors, MultiProcessor Interrupt Controller (MPIC), and video accessories.
Much like other microcontrollers, the Cortex-M provides a hardware vectored interrupt controller which ensures that interrupts from peripherals receive service as quickly as possible.
These include four DMA channels, multiple timers, a programmable interrupt controller, a memory refresh unit, programmable DRAM controller, variable-rate asynchronous serial ports, flexible chip select unit, and a peripherals control block with advanced power management.
The V320USC includes an integrated SDRAM Memory Controller, 32-bit PCI Controller, 32-bit MIPS SysAD local processor interface, DMA Engines, an Interrupt Controller, Timers, and Serial Interfaces.
The flowchart for the interrupt controller is depicted in Figure 7.
System Controllers--PC compatible DMA and interrupt controllers and timers
* System Controllers -- PC-compatible DMA and interrupt controllers and timers
In addition to PC-compatible features, such as four serial ports, three timer/counters, and two cascaded interrupt controllers, the new model can also include an on-board PC Card interface that accepts a Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) wireless Ethernet card.