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Obesity measured by BMI increases intra-gastric pressure, the same as intra-abdominal pressure.
At closing Apollo received cash of $10 million and ReShape's intra-gastric balloon product line.
showed that L-NAME prevented intra-gastric pressure reduction during vagal nerve stimulation in anesthetized rats, indicating that NO release is crucial for this response, given that the neurotransmitter is an essential mediator in gastric motility (36).
The paper, which is entitled The Role of Endoscopic Intra-Gastric Botulinum Toxin-A for Obesity Treatment, has now been published in Obesity Surgery, one of the world's foremost obesity journals.
Endoscopy, gastric scintigraphy, gastric manometry, EGG, breath test, ultrasonography and intra-gastric imaging with wireless capsule are used for diagnosis.
The regulation applies to all procedures including: advanced laparoscopic procedure, bariatric surgery, basic laparoscopy, biliopancreatic diversion, duodenal switch, endo barrier, gastrointestinal liner, gastric bypass, intra-gastric balloon etc.
Effect of sin- gle oral dose of sodium rabeprazole on the intra-gastric pH and volume in patients undergoing elective surgery.
Apollo Endosurgery Inc, a developer of medical devices for endoscopic surgical procedures, has acquired the obesity intervention division of Allergan Inc, which manufactures and sells weight loss solutions comprised of the LAP-BAND[R] adjustable gastric banding system and the ORBERA(TM) intra-gastric balloon system.
The particular division produces and markets the LAP-BAND adjustable gastric band system as well as the ORBERA intra-gastric balloon system.
Each group received 5 g/kg RGL aqueous extract orally by intra-gastric gavage and were checked for sperm parameters after half, one, two, four, six hours.
After the intra-gastric administration of single dose of curcumin, there was increase in small intestinal length in all the experimental groups as compared to control groups.
Increasing BMI has been shown to increase intra-gastric pressure and pressure study in a prospective cohort has shown 10% increase in intra-gastric pressure with rise in each unit of BMI (15).
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