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"These pups can't handle the stress involved in switching from intra-uterine life to extra-uterine life," Dr.
Soriano et al (1999)3 et al showed that demonstration of fetal uterus is possible at 19th week of intra-uterine life with high reproducibility.
Remaining of the embryological septo the synovial plica of the articulation of the knee is a fold in the internal face the synovia (synovial membrane), which separates embryologically form the patella in three compartments, being initiated the reabsorption of this synovia from the 4th month of intra-uterine life on, allowing the patella to be contained in a single cavity.
2) Values of anteroposterior diameter remain higher, right from the beginning to the end of intra-uterine life. 3) Maxillary sinuses remain relatively larger in males throughout life.
(2000) in the miniature pig, in which they reported an increased growth rate of maxillary sinus until 4 months of intra-uterine life. They reported that from the first day of appearance, maxillary sinus expanded not only in posterior direction but also in anterior direction from 11 weeks onwards.
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