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ICOInternational Council of Ophthalmology (San Francisco, CA)
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ICOInternational Congress on Obesity
ICOInternational Commission for Optics
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ICOIntermediate Circular Orbit
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ICOInternational Cocoa Organization
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ICOInstitut Catala d'Oncologia (Catalan Institute of Oncology)
ICOIsrael Chamber Orchestra (est. 1965)
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ICOIndia Country Office (UNICEF)
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ICOInteragency Committee on Oceanography
ICOInternational Communist Opposition (old anti-communist league)
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ICOIntracellular Organism
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ICOInstallation Command Officer (US Navy)
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After invasion, the intracellular organisms multiply and spread to regional lymph nodes, then disseminate to other organs.
These clinical observations establish that T cells are necessary to respond to and clear a variety of intracellular organisms.
In group 1 intracellular organisms are present already after the first day of infection, but higher numbers are found at the fourth day decreasing at the fifth day.
The study, published in the May 28NATURE, looked at the number of surviving intracellular organisms at 24 and 48 hours following ingestion of leishmania into about a million mouse macrophages.
His primary research interests are infections by intracellular organisms, especially Rickettsia and Plasmodium falciparum.
Although infections with certain intracellular organisms (e.
Detection of [is greater than or equal to] 5% of neutrophils or macrophages with intracellular organisms on a Wright-Giemsa stain of a smear of cytocentrifuged BAL fluid is also diagnostic of VAP (10).
In the second study, the results of PSB, BAL, and [is greater than or equal to] 5% intracellular organisms were compared with simultaneously obtained lung tissue (Table) (10).
Ehrlichiae comprise a large group of intracellular organisms pathogenic for animals and occasionally for humans.
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