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INFDIntraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density (neurology)
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Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density. In both transplant groups, no or very few IENF were found in skin biopsy samples.
This reversal of cisplatin-induced neuropathy by HDAC6 inhibition was associated with a restoration of intraepidermal nerve fiber density, which is reduced by cisplatin treatment, indicating that HDAC6 inhibition results in re-growth of nerves into the skin.
Skin biopsy with intraepidermal nerve fiber density (IENFD) measurements may provide additional information at earlier stages, since the small sensory fibers are the first to be involved [6].
Additional analyses within the same cohort have shown that, in patients with PD, the amount of [alpha]-synuclein positive nerve fibers normalized to total intraepidermal nerve fiber density ([alpha]-synuclein ratio) is enhanced in both sympathetic cholinergic (sweat gland innervating) and sympathetic adrenergic (pilomotor muscle innervating) nerve fibers.
Earlier studies with a rat model of diabetic polyneuropathy, showed a reduction in intraepidermal nerve fiber density in skin biopsies, as well as a decrease in the loss of intraepidermal innervation upon therapeutic interventions (Bianchi et al., 2004).
Studies have reported that it is possible know about small nerve fiber involvement by measuring the decrease in the intraepidermal nerve fiber density (15).
On the relationship between nociceptive evoked potentials and intraepidermal nerve fiber density in painful sensory polyneuropathies.
In previous clinical studies [7, 16], the mean dendrite length was used as a marker for early neuropathy rather than the intraepidermal nerve fiber density. Furthermore, it remains unclear whether or not vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A), which promotes vascular endothelial mitosis and new blood vessel formation in mouse plantar skn [17], plays a role during the development of DPN.
Metanx alleviates multiple manifestations of peripheral neuropathy and increases intraepidermal nerve fiber density in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
There are recently available age-adjusted and sex-adjusted normative values for intraepidermal nerve fiber density [12, 33].
Skin Biopsy, IENFD (intraepidermal nerve fiber density).