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INTRASTATIntra-Community Trade Statistics System
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Anketos rezultatu analize rodo, kad buhalterines apskaitos specialistams nuobodzios ir monotoniskos yra sios uzduotys: prekiu pajamavimas, prekiu nurasymas, banko israso ivedimas, saskaitu fakturu israsymas, INTRASTAT ataskaitos pildymas.
BKR Haines Watts has produced an Intrastat guide to help businesses understand their responsibilities and avoid being fined.
There is, however, a considerable risk that official statistics for that year underestimate Danish imports from other EU countries, due to problems of implementing the Intrastat.
The trade statistics continue to be difficult to interpret, although the figure for 1993 are now more firmly based than before following a review of the Intrastat system for estimating within EC trade.
Source: Central Statistical Office, UK visible trade statistics: review of Intrastat.
By providing triangulation reporting for business engagements that span three countries, Intracommunity Sales and Purchase reporting, Intrastat declarations and Tax Audit File generation in various formats, including SAF-T, NetSuite OneWorld bridges the gap between traditional ERP and external tax engines and provides seamless access to key data required to satisfy those tax authorities.
However, the acquisition VAT reverse charge mechanism, set up in the current transitional EU VAT system, has also created additional compliance burdens and costs for legitimate businesses, such as EC sales lists and Intrastat obligations, as Members States have implemented them differently.
Single flow for Intrastat by 2010: While significant efforts have already been made since 1993 to reduce the burden on enterprises regarding the collection of data for Community statistics on trade in goods between member states (Intrastat), the simplification effort will continue to be intensified.
The object of this contract is a subscription maintenance and development of an information system "Intrastat" to ensure continuity in the performance of the four modules of the software for the reception, preparation and processing of Intrastat declarations to the NRA in the applied aspect, and the high quality of the electronic services Information from the "Intrastat" system, and includes the following activities: - monitoring, adjustment and optimization of application software and databases IS "Intrastat" - Development of application software IP "Intrastat" within the developed functionality, improving links with other systems inside and outside the NRA; - Knowledge transfer of officials in the NRA.