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Clinical studies on intrauterine contraception, especially the present state of contraception in Japan and the experience in the use of intrauterine rings.
An IUD containing 52 mg levonorgestrel (Mirena) has US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval both for use as a contraceptive and for the treatment of HMB in women who want intrauterine contraception.
infertility and its causes, aspects of gestation and abortion (spontaneous or therapeutic), endometrial malfunction and intrauterine contraception.
Despite the many benefits of intrauterine contraception, this method is underused in most countries of the world, with the notable exception of China," says eminent obstetrician-gynecologist Daniel R.
The levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG IUS), a T-shaped polyethylene frame with a steroid reservoir, is marketed as Mirena and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000 for intrauterine contraception for up to 5 years.
Reflection, new devices, and better knowledge and judgment about which women can safely use the method have led many gynecologists to voice renewed support for intrauterine contraception.
The low rate of utilization of intrauterine contraception by women with diabetes is a gap that gynecologists are well positioned to help solve.
Intrauterine contraception is increasingly accepted by women who want long-term and effective contraception without having to comply with a particular regimen.
Madden T, Allsworth JE, Hladky KJ, Secura GM, Peipert JE Intrauterine contraception in Saint Louis: a survey of obstetrician and gynecologists' knowledge and attitudes.
Intrauterine contraception is an effective and often neglected method of contraception in the United States.
Renewed interest in intrauterine contraception in the United States: evidence and explanation.
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