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IUTIsfahan University of Technology
IUTInstitut Universitaire de Technologie
IUTInstitut Universitaire de Technologie (French: University Institute of Technology)
IUTInha University in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
IUTImplementation Under Test
IUTInternational Union of Tenants
IUTIntrauterine Transfusion
IUTInstrument Under Test (biomedical)
IUTInstructor Under Training
IUTIntegrated Ultrasonic Transducer (medical imaging)
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5 g/dL + exchange transfusion, Very Severe-Grade 3: intrauterine transfusions and/or Hb < 10.
Besides amniocentesis, one other invasive procedure seemed relatively safe: intrauterine transfusion, with a complication in 1 of 33 cases.
The book is rounded out by chapters on neonatal and intrauterine transfusion, transfusion reactions, quality assessment and improvement, and alternatives to allogeneic transfusion in patients with surgical anemia.
If the fetus is less than 34 weeks gestation, intrauterine transfusion is recommended and usually reverses the anemia and hydrops, allowing prolongation of the pregnancy and a normal outcome.
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