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IVVDIntravascular Volume Depletion (blood/plasma volume)
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Though perioperative dialysis corrects biochemical abnormalities and fluid overload, it results in intravascular volume depletion. It is important that this state of volume depletion is corrected as early as possible by administration of intravenous fluids to ensure adequate perfusion of the graft which in turn will determine its survival.
"Intravascular volume depletion increases the concentration of serum urate, and increased serum urate beyond the saturation threshold can result in crystallization," she said.
Table 1: Etiologies of Acute Kidney Injury in Lymphoma Pre-renal Intravascular volume depletion Nausea, emesis, diarrhea Hemorrhage Reduced kidney perfusion Vasoconstriction Sepsis Liver disease Medications (diuretics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) Renal Acute tubular necrosis Kidney ischemia Tumour lysis syndrome Medications (acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aminoglycosides) Tubulointerstitial disorders Secondary kidney infiltration Primary kidney lymphoma Glomerular disorders Amyloidosis IgA nephropathy Renovascular disorders Renal vein thrombosis Thrombotic microangiopathy Post-Renal Obstruction Exterior compression (lymphadenopathy, obstructing tumour) Internal obstruction (nephrolithiasis, crystalluria) (*)Adapted from Luciano & Brewster (2014).
In many hospitalized patients the IVC is either "FAT" (IVCmax >2.1 cm, minimal collapsibility) making intravascular volume depletion unlikely or "flat" (IVCmax [less than or equal to] 2.1 cm, >50% collapsibility) making intravascular volume overload unlikely [28].
On hospital day 7, the patient developed oliguric ischemic acute kidney injury (AKI) secondary to intravascular volume depletion and hypotension.
Although intravascular volume depletion is only one cause of intradialytic hypotension (because patients with kidney failure might also have alterations in neurohormonal regulation, resulting in vasoregulatory impairment and autonomic dysfunction), we cannot impact these issues by altering the HD treatment process.
They reported that assessment of IVC diameter by USG in patients with intravascular volume depletion due to trauma or other reasons may be beneficial.8
Moreover, FOCUS excluded substantial heart impairment, confirming intravascular volume depletion. Thus, the bedside ultrasonography findings contributed to guide the next diagnostic and therapeutic steps (e.g., CT scan and aggressive volume replacement).
* To minimise/reduce symptoms of intravascular volume depletion during HD treatments.
The urine sodium concentration should be measured to assess renal sodium handling, because most patients with intravascular volume depletion (except those with renal sodium wasting) exhibit low sodium excretion (3).
There may be intravascular volume depletion and evidence of hypovolaemic shock.
Contributory factors include preoperative intravascular volume depletion, anesthesia-induced hemodynamic changes, and intra operative fluid losses5.
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