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IVSIntelligent Vehicles Symposium
IVSIntravenous Sedation
IVSIntelligent Video Surveillance
IVSIntervening Sequence (genetics)
IVSIntervocative Software LLC
IVSIntelligent Vehicle System (engineering)
IVSIndus Valley School of Art and Architecture (Pakistan)
IVSInternational VLBI Service (for Geodesy and Astrometry)
IVSInternational Voluntary Service
IVSInteractive Visualization Systems
IVSin Vehicle System
IVSInstitut für Verteilte Systeme (Magdeburg University, Germany)
IVSIntegrated Video System
IVSInteractive Video Services
IVSIndependent Voltage Scaling
IVSISRA Vision Systems AG (Germany)
IVSIndependent Validation Solutions (Infosys)
IVSInternet Video Sharing
IVSIntegrated Video Services
IVSInteractive Videodisk System
IVSInvalidez, Vejez y Sobrevivencia (Spanish)
IVSIBM Verkabelungs System
IVSInter Ventricular Septum
IVSIsrael Vacuum Society
IVSIdle Validation Switch (automotive)
IVSIndustrial Vision Systems Ltd (Oxfordshire, UK)
IVSInduction-Variable Substitution (compiler optimization)
IVSIntegrated Voice Solutions, Inc.
IVSInternal Video Subsystem
IVSIntegrated Visualization System
IVSInertial Vertical Speed (aviation)
IVSIntegrated Video Switcher
IVSIntelligence Value Survey (internet security)
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Ureteroseopy with intravenous sedation for treatment of distal ureteric calculi: A safe and effective alternative to shock wave lithotripsy.
In another study by Sharma et al, (9) on 120 women undergoing hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy, there was significant reduction in the mean pain score with the use of oral drotaverine hydrochloride and mefenamic acid compared to paracervical block and intravenous sedation using diazepam.
Fourteen patients had airway stenting via a rigid bronchoscope under deep intravenous sedation in the operating theatre.
Similarly a survey by the Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association found higher overall complication rates after ambulatory surgery with combined loco-regional anaesthesia and intravenous sedation compared with general, regional, or local anaesthesia alone19.
In a statement, Dr Askar said: "Following the discussion of treatment options, as the tooth was unrestorable, he said he preferred to have the root removed under intravenous sedation at Arrowe Park Hospital rather than with local anaesthetic, as he was a very nervous patient.
Up to 75 subjects at up to 20 US study centres will be treated in the physician's office under local anesthesia and without intravenous sedation.
If the idea of dental treatment discourages you, then it can possibly offer intravenous sedation.
Tablets, laughing gas or intravenous sedation can all be given safely and keep patients relaxed.
The first issue include articles on the role of genetic testing, rehabilitation needs at Veteran's hospitals, disparities in stroke rehabilitation, the influence of minority status on job stability after a traumatic brain injury, intravenous sedation, and pharmaceutical transparency.
Patients are under intravenous sedation in the operating room during the procedure.
Wong C, Merrick D 1996 Intravenous sedation prior to peribulbar anaesthesia for cataract surgery in the elderly Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia 43 (11) 1115-1120
the treatment modality selected (nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia) the rate of failure in the selected treatment modality.
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