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High-dose intravenous vitamin C is contraindicated in people with G6PD deficiency, and patients should be tested for this condition before receiving such treatment.
Interestingly, the clinical use of intravenous vitamin C has a long history in traditional medicine.
These impressive small-scale studies have ignited eight new clinical trials in 2018 that will use this three-prong approach, i.e., intravenous vitamin C, vitamin B1, and hydrocortisone.
Hirsch, "Interference of intravenous vitamin C with blood glucose testing," Diabetes Care, vol.
The researchers also gave intravenous vitamin C to 13 women newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer that had spread to the abdominal cavity.
It is time that the medical orthodoxy embraced the use of intravenous vitamin C to save lives and improve prognoses.
Despite its remarkable safety profile, adverse effects can occur with intravenous vitamin C. But when compared to chemotherapy, these negative effects are extremely rare and occur basically in people with previous specific medical problems.
In light of our new pharmacokinetic data, a role for intravenous vitamin C in cancer treatment should be reevaluated," they concluded (Ann.
Some of the drawbacks of the studies on intravenous vitamin C are use of historical controls or lack of controls, lack of randomization and/or control groups, participants with primarily advanced incurable disease, and lack of power to analyze overall survival.
Cameron, a Scottish physician, published in I collaboration with Linus Pauling an article in the prestigious I journal PNAS describing that 100 terminal cancer patients treated with intravenous vitamin C for 10 days followed by oral maintenance, lived four times longer than a control group of 1,000 patients who did not receive vitamin C (1).
The new study by Mark Levine adds to the growing consensus that intravenous vitamin C is worthy of a clinical trial.
Serum levels of vitamin C are typically very low in patients with sepsis, and as much as 3 g per day of intravenous vitamin C is needed to bring those levels up to normal.
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