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IVTIntel Virtualization Technology (computer architecture)
IVTIn Vitro Transcription
IVTIntel Virtualization Technology
IVTInfinitely Variable Transmission
IVTIn Vivo Testing
IVTInitial Vocational Training (European Commission)
IVTInternet Vision Technologies (Australia)
IVTIntermediate Value Theorem (mathematics)
IVTInterrupt Vector Table
IVTIntravenous Therapy
IVTIntervehicular Transfer (US NASA)
IVTInteractive Video Teletraining
IVTInterface Verification Test (NASA)
IVTInteractive Video Training
IVTIntegrating Vision Toolkit
IVTInstallation Visualization Tool
IVTInstallation Verification Testing
IVTIndustrin För Växt-Och Träskyddsmedel (Sweden)
IVTCurrent-Voltage-Temperature (I = current)
IVTIntravenous Transfusion
IVTIntensified Verification Testing (food safety)
IVTIndependent Verification Team
IVTIntegration, Verification, and Training
IVTInterface Validation Test(ing)
IVTInnovative Voice Technologies (Schaumburg, IL)
IVTIntelligent Virtual Terminal
IVTInternet Virtual Tour
IVTIn Virus Tandem (band)
IVTIntelligent Vehicle Technologies, LLC
IVTIndustrieverband Textil
IVTIndex Versus Target
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The duration of intravenous therapy was one day lower in the IP (median: 9; interquartile range 6 and 17 days) compared to the CP (median: 10; interquartile range 6 and 18 days), a non significant difference (p = 0.
Although VAPs are more commonly used in mammalian patients, they potentially lend themselves to the treatment of avian patients requiring long-term intravenous therapy or serial blood collection.
IVNZ President Catharine O'Hara outlined how it was initially envisaged that the framework would define the essential characteristics of an effective education and assessment programme and in turn contribute to a nationally recognised, consistent intravenous therapy (IV) certification standard, transferable between workplaces.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Tigecycline appeared to be comparable in efficacy and tolerability to levofloxacin in treating community-acquired pneumonia in two phase III studies of 891 hospitalized patients needing intravenous therapy, Dr.
In one trial, patients who showed improvements in their signs and symptoms of pneumonia could be switched after at least 3 days of intravenous therapy to oral levofloxacin for the duration of therapy.
19 days; out-patients were treated with oral therapy and inpatients were treated with intravenous therapy and then oral therapy for an average of 10 days, although they were hospitalized for an average 5.
Patients on intravenous therapy face the highest risk regardless of whether they are taking the medication for cancer or for osteoporosis; the risk is lower, although not absent, in those taking oral bisphosphonates, said Dr.
Complications of the intravenous therapy occurred in seven children, including central venous catheter/site infection in six, catheter malfunction in three, and neutropenia in one.
Early Lyme disease generally responds to oral antibiotics but may require intravenous therapy.
Although the search for a vaccine was begun 30 years ago, until now treatment was limited to intravenous therapy with dangerously toxic compounds to which the disease was becoming increasingly resistant.
Some of the services AIDS patients may require include specialized intravenous therapy, rehabilitation, psychological support, nutrition management, behavior management, oncology support, pain management, hospice and advance directive counseling.
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