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IWUEIrrigation Water Use Efficiency (agronomy)
IWUEIntrinsic Water Use Efficiency
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(A) Stomatal conductance (gs); (B) net photosynthesis; (C) Transpiration (D); water use efficiency and intrinsic water use efficiency; (E) Internal C[O.sub.2] concentration (Ci); (F) Instantaneous carboxylation efficiency (EiC) in cowpea as a function of the electrical conductivity of the irrigation water (EC) 20 days after planting
Intrinsic water use efficiency (IWUE) was obtained as the ratio of photosynthetic assimilation rate (Pn) to stomatal conductance for water vapor (gs).
Analyses of variance for relative water content RWC (%), photosynthetic assimilation rate (Pn) (umol CO2 m-2 s-1), transpiration E (m mol H2O m-2 s-1), stomatal conductance gs (mol H2O m-2 s-1), intrinsic water use efficiency WUEi (umol CO2 mol H2O-1), total Chlorophyll (Chl) content (mg g-1 FW) and dry root-shoot ratio in henna plant (L inermis) (n=4).