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IV4 (Roman numeral)
IVIndependent Variable
IVImmigrant Visa
IVIn Vitro
IVInvestigator (USCG Rating)
IVInteractive Video
IVIvory Coast (now Cote d'Ivoire)
IVInverness (postcode, United Kingdom)
IVCote d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast)
IVInitialization Vector
IVInitial Value
IVIndependent Verification
IVIsla Vista (California)
IVInput Voltage
IVImplied Volatility (finance)
IVCurrent Voltage
IVInstrumental Variable
IVInformation Visualization
IVIntervarsity Christian Fellowship (usually seen as IVCF)
IVIntravaginal (obstetrics)
IVIntegrierte Versorgung (German: Integrated Health Care)
IVInternational Visitor
IVInitial Velocity
IVInteramente Versato (Italian: Fully Paid-Up)
IVIntelligent Vehicles
IVIntrinsic Viscosity
IVInverted Vertical
IVIndividual Value (Pokémon video game)
IVIn Vertretung (German: By Proxy)
IVIntroversion Software (game company)
IVIntra Vascular
IVInnoventions (Disneyland, EPCOT)
IVInsurance to Value (insurance)
IVIntercepter Vehicle
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Among the speakers at the conference will be Mark Morris, the outspoken managing director of UK-based independent studio Introversion Software.
The team at Introversion Software just keep doing their own thing and, invariably, get it spot on - remember Darwinia?
INTROVERSION Software - self-styled "Last of the bedroom programmers", and makers of the most excellent Darwinia - have a new game, Defcon, out at the end of this month.
IN Darwinia, Introversion Software have gone out on a limb to create one of the most original games I have seen in a long time.