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The 1-D N-point inverse discrete sine transform (IDST) is defined as follows:
The proposed systolic array for an inverse discrete sine transform of length N=11 consists of five processing elements, some pipeline registers and a control circuit that generate the control tag bits from above and from the right end of the systolic array.
The proposed VLSI architecture for inverse discrete sine transform (IDST) has been implemented using the RTL Compiler from Cadence for an ASIC technology of 180 nm.
In this paper a new VLSI array architecture for the VLSI implementation of 1-D inverse discrete sine transform is presented based on a new VLSI algorithm that uses a new computational structure called pseudo-band correlation structure that has never been used until now for a VLSI implementation of IDST.
The obtained linear systolic array has a low hardware complexity and a high throughput being an appealing solution for the VLSI implementation of inverse discrete sine transform. It is also possible to further increase the speed performances using a two-level pipelining applied to the presented linear systolic array.
The obtained layout for the proposed VLSI architecture for inverse discrete sine transform.
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