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IDFInverse Document Frequency (datamining)
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IDFIndirect Fire
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IDFInternational Downhill Federation (sports)
IDFInstitutional Development Fund (World Bank; est. 1992)
IDFIndigenous Defense Fighter
IDFIndigenous Defense Fighter (Taiwan)
IDFInternational DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Foundation
IDFInput Data Format
IDFInstrument Definition File
IDFIntel Developer'S Forum
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IDFIntermediate Data Format
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IDFInstitute for a Democratic Future (Washington state)
IDFItem Data File
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IDFImbalance Design Fraction (aviation)
IDFInteramerica Data Florida, LLC (Doral, FL)
IDFInvalid Data Flag (Nortel)
IDFIssaan Development Foundation
IDFIntegrated Delivery Function
IDFIndemnity Discount Factor (insurance)
IDFItron Delimited Format
IDFIntelligent Document Factory
IDFIneffective Direct Fire
IDFInstruction and Dictionary Finalization
IDFInternational Disaggregate Forecast (Sprint)
IDFIssue Documentation Form (various organizations)
IDFInitial Distribution File
IDFIntegrated Demand Forecast (Sprint)
IDFIntermediate Distribution(al) Facility (networking)
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Inverse document frequency (IDF) is a measure of the universal importance of a word.
TF-IDF is a product of term frequency, frequency of the specific word in a document and inverse document frequency, which provides the measure of information value a term/word provided in the document.
The inverse document frequency (IDF) is another measure that represents the importance of a term t.
* Inverse document frequency (idf): uncommon term is more important
During the next stage, the value (weight) of the unigram features is computed using several methods, which are term frequency (TF) and inverse document frequency (IDF) to determine the value (weight) of each entry of [w.sub.ij].
The statistic is calculated as a product of two distinct indicators, TF (Term Frequency) and IDF (Inverse Document Frequency).
Each feature value in the vector is calculated using the formula [TF.sup.*] IDF (inverse document frequency).
The IDF (inverse document frequency) function is as follows [1, 2]:
[43] found that the Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) global weighting outperformed all other weighting functions, and found no clear indication as to which local weighting function performed best.
The significance of this paper was that it proposed the concept of inverse document frequency, or IDF.
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