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IQIntelligence Quotient
IQIndefinite Quantity contract
IQIraq (country code, top level domain)
IQImage Quality
IQInstallation Qualification
IQInformation Quality
IQInvestissement Québec (French)
IQIntelligent Question
IQInverse Quantization
IQIrrelevant Question (polygraphy)
IQInhibitory Quotient
IQIssue Queue
IQIntervencion Quirurgica (Spanish: Surgical Procedure)
IQIndication of Quality (Nortel)
IQInsufficient Quantity
IQIndy Quotient (computer game score)
IQInput Queuing
IQInitial Qualification Training
IQInsurquote Systems Inc.
IQIncremental Quantization
IQInvoice Query System (Sprint)
IQUnited States miscellaneous Pacific Islands Outlying Areas (including Kingman Reef)
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At the decoder, if only one description is received, entropy decoding and the inverse quantization are applied to the base and enhancement layer blocks of the received description successively, firstly.
264/AVC decoding consists of entropy decoding, inverse discrete cosine transformation, inverse quantization, intra prediction, motion compensation, and utilization of a deblocking filter.