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IERInterrupt Enable Register (computer architecture)
IERINPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations) Event Report
IERInterrupt Enable Register
IERIngress Edge Router
IERInternational Entrepreneur Rule (US DHS)
IERInstitute for Energy Research (Washington, DC)
IERInternational Employment Relations (various schools)
IERInstitut d'Economie Rurale
IERInstitute for Employment Research
IERInstitute for Economic Research (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
IERIon-Exchange Resin (building material)
IERInformation Exchange Requirement
IERIntermediate Eye Relief (rifle scope)
IERInitial Environmental Review
IERInstitute of Educational Research (Pakistan)
IERIndependent Evaluation Report
IERIntervention Event Rate (clinical trials)
IERIndian Economic Review (publication)
IERIndependent Expert Review
IERInstitute for Education and Research (various countries)
IERInformation Engineering Release
IERInformation Exchange Request
IERIndependent Evaluation Review
IERInitial Engagement Range
IERIndustrial Equipment Reserve
IERInitial Evaluation Report
IERInformation Item Error Rate (machine translation evaluation)
IERInformix Enterprise Replicator
IERIndividual Education Record
IERInitial Engineering Release
IERInfo-Engineering Resources (Internet presence provider)
IERInvestment Evaluation Review
IERInappropriate Emotional Response
IERInstitute for Economic Rationalization
IERInspectorate of Engineering Resources (UK)
IERIntegrated Equipment short-circuit Rating
IERInternal Exclusion Room (various schools; UK)
IERInwendige Eventrecorder (cardiology device)
IERIn Expected Range
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