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ISDSInvestor State Dispute Settlement (international trade)
ISDSIndividual Sewage Disposal Systems
ISDSInternational Sheep Dog Society (UK)
ISDSInformation Systems and Decision Sciences
ISDSIntegrated Service Delivery System
ISDSInternational Serials Data System (UNESCO)
ISDSInternational Society for Disease Surveillance
ISDSInteragency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
ISDSIntelligence Shared Data Server
ISDSInformation Systems Defense & Space
ISDSInformation Screening and Delivery System (US Navy)
ISDSInternational Switched Digital Services
ISDSInvitation to Submit Detailed Solution (EU)
ISDSIntelligence Support Display System
ISDSIntegrated Shipboard Self Defense System
ISDSInformation Screening and Display Subsystem
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In 2015, he authored "Investor State Dispute Settlement, a Reality Check." Prior to joining CSIS, he was an executive with Proctor & Gamble, a leading consumer products company.
Cabinet has agreed on some key principles for our trade policy agenda, including opposition to Investor State Dispute Settlement clauses.
The letter called for investor state dispute settlement provisions to be removed, as they were "inequitable, non-transparent, illegitimate and unnecessary".
But leaked documents reveal the inclusion and strengthening of an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism that grants corporations the right to sue governments over perceived threats to their profit-taking goals.
In this commentary, we endorse concerns about the health impact of the trans-pacific partnership (TPP), paying particular attention to its mechanisms for investor state dispute settlement. We then describe the different, judge-led approach being advocated by the European Commission team negotiating the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, arguing that, while not perfect, it offers significant advantages.
The primary difference between the model text and the existing BIPA version is to provide a sharper, enterprise-based definition of investment, a refined investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) provision, which will force investors to exhaust local remedies before commencing international arbitrations, and limiting the power of tribunals to awarding only monetary compensation.
Of particular concern to councillors are new measures, under the Investor State Dispute Settlement, which could allow companies to sue governments if they fail to secure profits from public sector contracts.
ClientEarth said the planned Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) undermined EU and national courts.
The Investor State Dispute Settlement courts which will form part of TTIP will not give unions a right of hearing and will bypass sovereign powers.
The First Minister yesterday responded to questions on the matter by tweeting: "For those asking about TTIP, I share concerns about ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) and oppose any inclusion of the NHS.
Eliminate NAFTA terms that promote the outsourcing of American jobs such as the Investor State Dispute Settlement system.
NZNO is also concerned the investor state dispute settlement provisions, and other provisions, could Limit the Government's ability or appetite to regulate in the best interests of public health and well-being.
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