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IOLIInvestor-Owned Life Insurance
IOLIInternational Old Lacers Incorporated
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Gary Sanders, NAIFA's vice president of securities and state government relations, said that investor-owned life insurance, remains a threat to the life insurance industry in the 20 states that have not yet passed anti-IOLI regulation.
is considering its own solution to investor-owned life insurance, spearheaded by NCOIL member and North Dakota State Rep.
That review could entail amending the existing model, creating an entirely new model to reflect new issues such as investor-owned life insurance, or supporting an NAIC model, she explains.
Cipinko says the draft represents a lot of work on the part of regulators, but adds that the moratorium does not address the issue of investor-owned life insurance.
THE INCREASINGLY CHARGED DEBATE over investor-owned life insurance and non-recourse premium financing was on full display during a session at LIMRA International's Advanced Sales Forum, held here last month.
We were pleased to see the House change the Senate's investor-owned life insurance (IOLI) proposal from an outright tax on life insurance into a two-year study of the issue," Kerley said.
In another victory for the industry, the final bill also omits a provision contained in the Senate version of the legislation that would severely limit the sale of investor-owned life insurance (IOLI) or, as it is sometimes called, stranger-owned life insurance.
He also distinguishes between the life settlement market and investor-owned life insurance, which is purchased with the initial intent to settle a contract.
In another victory for the industry, negotiators apparently have decided not to include a provision in the pension reform bill or allied tax legislation that would have severely limited the sale of investor-owned life insurance (IOLI), or, as it is sometimes called, stranger-owned life insurance.
No question, a big reason for the growth in the older age life market in 2004 and 2005 was the growth of investor-owned life insurance," says Jeffrey Suyematsu, senior vice president of sales in the life division of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, Minneapolis, Minn.
On another critical front, it appears that a provision imposing a punitive tax on investor-owned life insurance (IOLI) faces long odds on being included.
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