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IBInterface Bus
IBInternational Business (various organizations)
IBIkonboard (web forum software)
IBInternational Baccalaureate
IBIntroducing Broker
IBInformation Bulletin
IBIntelligence Bureau (India, Pakistan)
IBIberia (Spanish airlines)
IBInteractive Brokers LLC
IBIslas Baleares (Balearic Islands)
IBInfiniBand (I/O specification, formerly called System I/O)
IBInternet Business
IBI'm Back
IBInterface Builder (Apple Computers)
IBIn Bond
IBIn Band
IBInternational Bank
IBInternational Bureau (FCC)
IBIndian Bank
IBInvestment Banker
IBIbidem (Latin: In the Same Place; IBID is more common)
IBInstruction Book
IBI'm Bored
IBInformation Bureau
IBInquiry Board
IBInterface Board
IBIce Breaker
IBInput Buffer
IBInclusion Body
IBInfectious Bronchitis (poultry viral disease)
IBIndustrial Base
IBInternational Boundary
IBInternet Bank
IBInvision Board (message board)
IBInstituto Balseiro (Bariloche, Argentina)
IBInvestigator's Brochure
IBIce Block (gaming, World of Warcraft)
IBIndividual Budgets (UK)
IBIdiot Box (band)
IBIntelligence Branch
IBInhaled Budesonide
IBIntermediate Body
IBInitial Budget
IBIk Bedoel (Dutch: I Mean)
IBIthaca Bakery (Ithaca, NY)
IBIncline Bench (weight lifting)
IBIncendiary Bomb
IBIllinois Bell
IBInduction Brazing
IBIssue Book
IBInvoice Book
IBInner Bottom (Shipbuilding)
IBInbye (mining)
IBInstruction Buffer
IBInterdit Bancaire (France)
IBInvestment Bureau
IBInformation Briefing
IBIndependent Bottler (Scotch whisky)
IBIndicator Bit (ITU-T)
IBInteractive Broadcasting (Internet company)
IBIncest Baby
IBIndustrial Brownhoist
IBIntegrated Battlefield
IBIntegration Backbone
IBIdentification Beacon
IBIntermediate Break
IBInternational Bacheloriate
IBInitial Bath
IBImpact Burst
IBDirectie Internationaal Beleid (Dutch: direction for international politics)
IBImport Bulletin
IBIrregular Billing
IBInformation before Learning Task (online education)
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Goodwin and Son Manchester Royal Pale Scotia and Ryan's Shamrock soaps Samuel McLardy Manchester pines, pine holders Source: Ryan Brothers Invoice Book, 1913, THSA.
(26) The information for this and the following three paragraphs is in Ryan Brothers' invoice books 1913 and 1915-23, THSA.
As a desperate attempt to prevent the defendant haranguing me, I have in recent weeks grabbed his ignition keys, a camera, binoculars, a flash and an invoice book from the defendant's motorcycle.
An industry spokesperson said that 'large distributors are setting themselves up to be able to supply and invoice books directly into Tesco if necessary.
In the absence of a summary of equipment manufactured and sold, it was necessary to extract the list from the carbon copies of pencilled invoice books. Eric was confident that he knew the time required to make each item.
Going home with filled invoice books was not the main point, insisted Annachiara De Carlo, senior organizer for agriculture from the Verona Chamber of Commerce.