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IVCIrvine Valley College (California)
IVCInferior Vena Cava
IVCIndus Valley Civilization (Bronze Age)
IVCImperial Valley College
IVCIntravenous Vitamin C
IVCIntravenous Cannula (obstetrics)
IVCInternational Vocal Competition (Netherlands)
IVCIntake Valve Closing (engines)
IVCIntegrated Video Controller
IVCInteractive Video Classes
IVCInteractive Video Conferencing
IVCInternet Voice Connector
IVCInternational Video Corporation
IVCInternet Video Camera
IVCIndennità di Vacanza Contrattuale (Italian: Contractual Holiday Allowance)
IVCInteractive Videoconferencing
IVCIllinois Vehicle Code (law)
IVCIslamic Vacation Course
IVCIllinois Virtual Campus
IVCInternational Venture Capital
IVCInter-Vehicle Communications
IVCIgnatian Volunteer Corps (Baltimore, Maryland)
IVCInternational Vacation Club (Dominican Republic)
IVCIntervehicular Communication
IVCInspiratory Vital Capacity
IVCInner Vacuum Chamber
IVCInterfaith Volunteer Caregivers (of Greater Bridgeport)
IVCInter-Varsity Club (UK; est. 1947)
IVCInstallation Volunteer Coordinator
IVCInternational Viola Congress (music)
IVCInternet Video Company (various locations)
IVCInland Valley Consortium (aka Consortium for Sustainable Use of Inland Valleys)
IVCIntegrated Visual Computing
IVCIntravenous Cholangiography
IVCInteractive Video Classroom (various schools)
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud composed of atomic hydrogen travelling at low velocities)
IVCInvoluntary Commitment
IVCInternet Voice Chat
IVCChief Investigator (USCG Rating)
IVCIntraventricular Catheter
IVCIn-Vision Continuity
IVCIdentity Verification Certificate
IVCInternet Video Communication
IVCIndirect Vector Control
IVCinternal value creation
IVCInteractive Voice Communication
IVCIndividual Vehicle Controller
IVCIntegral of Viable Cell
IVCInstallation Volunteer Council
IVCIn-Vessel Component
IVCImmediately Vital Cargo
IVCIncoming-switched Virtual Circuit (Nortel)
IVCInternal Venture Company
IVCInterexchange Virtual Circuit
IVCIntravascular Free-Floating Tumor Cluster
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Nonetheless, the Supreme Court has upheld restrictions on access to firearms based on involuntary commitment or adjudication as a "mental defective," meaning that gun control laws circumvent medical privacy laws, subjecting mentally ill patients to unwanted and unauthorized disclosure of treatment and diagnosis details.
Green says one of the legal challenges with involuntary commitment laws is determining what level of deterioration or addiction a person has to demonstrate to warrant being involuntarily sent to treatment.
Involuntary Commitment and Right to Waive Counsel: Supreme Court of Vermont holds that the Fourteenth Amendment precludes a patient from waiving counsel and proceeding pro se in involuntary commitment and involuntary medication proceedings.
attempt to call the person subject to the involuntary commitment as an
Involuntary commitment and detainment in adolescent psychiatric inpatient care.
Alternatively, if (1) there is no state law, or if the existing state law authorizes but does not require such disclosure; and (2) the records of an involuntary commitment or mental-health adjudication originate with a HIPAA-covered entity, or the HIPAA-covered entity is the state repository for such records, the HIPAA Privacy Rule permits a covered entity that performs both health-care and non-health-care functions (such as NICS reporting) to become a hybrid entity such that the HIPAA Privacy Rule applies only to its health-care functions.
like a criminal proceeding, the involuntary commitment of sex offenders
Now, at this point you are probably asking yourself: why not just have the examining physician file the involuntary commitment petition, which will have the same effect in prohibiting this person from owning a gun?
In involuntary commitment proceedings, the Supreme Court has required that those facing commitment receive many of the protections outlined in Section I.A, including the right to counsel for indigent individuals; however, there are laxer evidentiary standards, and the state only has to prove that an individual ought to be committed by clear and convincing evidence, rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.
"A North Carolina judge signed these involuntary papers forcing Jenelle to stay at a mental health facility, stating, 'It has been alleged that you are mentally ill and a proper subject for involuntary commitment."
(14) Part III begins with a brief examination of the history of involuntary commitment and treatment.