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IOLAInstitute of Our Lady of the Annunciation (est. 1960; Italy)
IOLAInterest on Lawyer Account
IOLAIslamic Organization of Latin America (Argentina)
IOLAIonization of the Local Atmosphere (electric rainmaking)
IOLAInput/Output Link Adapter
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Some questions are unanswered, including whether Beverly will stay with Iola and what comes of her mother, pulling attention from book's themes.
Iola, a third year Disabilities Nursing student from Bala, was working in a home for orphaned children, and was able to help one of the children there, by sharing information about Down's Syndrome.
Harper's novel then falls into a pattern in what has been called the "tragic mulatto genre." Iola is able to avoid the various attempts by her owners to violate her, and after she is freed by the Union Army, she sets out to find the scattered members of her family.
“We are very excited about this expansion of our Iola manufacturing facility,” said Scott Strycker, Gates Iola plant manager.
Gresham's mind as he observes Iola ministering to the wounded soldiers.
As more than 300 individual runners and hundreds more in relays slogged their way through the mud, Rheidol and Iola managed to complete the cult event in two hours and 52 seconds.
Iola said: "Working with so many committed young people has been like a breath of fresh air and their enthusiasm is infectious.
GlyEcoa[euro](tm)s chief executive John Lorenz said that Full Circlea[euro](tm)s Elizabeth, NJ plant is well equipped to install its GlyEco Technology and expand into processing more types of waste glycol.Country: USASector: Waste Management/EnvironmentTarget: Full Circle Manufacturing IncBuyer: GlyEco IncVendor: Joe Iola
But Rhys and Iola are in no way "big headed" about their instant stardom.
In her chapter on Harper's Iola Leroy, Foreman extends a simultextual reading of Iola Leroy's sexual history similar to the one attributed to Linda Brent/Harriet Jacobs.
Claire Simpkins, 30 - real name Iola McQueen - and jobless boyfriend Chris Davis, 33, had spent a week in Iris Davies' pounds 200,000 Georgian terrace with their son, six, and two other men.