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IOLEIdiopathic Occipital Lobe Epilepsy
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Because," answered Iole, "I was content the moment my eyes fell on him.
41: An account has there been given of Eurytus and his daughter Iole, for whose sake Heracles sacked Oechalia.
Hall & Lamas, 2001 X Junonia evarete (Cramer, 1779) X Marpesia berania berania (Hewitson, 1852) X X X Marpesia chiron marius (Cramer, 1779) X X Marpesia marcella (Felder, 1861) X X X Marpesia iole violetta (Felder, 1865) X X Marpesia merops (Boisduval, 1836) X X Marpesiapetreus petreus (Cramer, 1776) X X Marpesia zerynthia dentigera Fruhst.
Scott Henderson 1985-1987 Pittsburgh John Iole 1986-1987 Albany John D.
A space efficient contact toxicity bioassay for minute Hymenoptera, used to test the effects of novel and conventional insecticides on the egg parasitoids Anaphes iole and Trichogramma pretiosum.
Among the examples of this phenomenon found in De mulieribus claris, a text deeply engaged with the delineation of gender roles, is the case of Hercules and Iole (Boccaccio, Famous Women 90-97).
Along with baritone Sumner Thompson s Hercules, the cast also included tenor Colin Baker as his son, Hyllus, soprano Nathalie Paulin as the captive Princess Iole, niezzzo Laura Pudwell (replacing an indisposed Mireille Lebel) as the herald Lichas and baritone David Roth as Priest of Jupiter.
1) While Sellars' pre-show discussion at the Lyric Opera in Chicago in March 2011 engaged overtly with the combat trauma suffered by contemporary returning veterans, the production reflected it--and the broader contemporary resonance of the play--primarily in the costuming of Iole in an orange jumpsuit reminiscent of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and of Hercules in combat fatigues.
Most obviously, perhaps, as a rewriting of Sophocles's The Trachiniae (430 BCE) it fractures the classical narrative of Heracles, his wife Deianeira, their son Hyllus and Heracles's prisoner of war Iole, by updating it to the early twenty-first-century context of the global 'war on terror' and by introducing a series of changes to both the characters and the narrative itself that have been often noted, not least by Crimp himself.
A continuacion, van apareciendo los restantes personajes: unos que siguen, fielmente, la fabula mitologica (las ninfas Deyanira e Iole, el centauro Neso, Jupiter, Juno .
How the knee holds up is the main question leading into this fight, according to Kevin Iole, one of the most widely read boxing journalists.
Estructurada en un solo acto, consta de siete escenas y en ellas escuchamos a sus personajes: el padre Agenor y sus hijas Iole y Nais, la sobrina Daira y el escultor Anfiloquio.