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IECIntestinal Epithelial Cell
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4 presents the results of the electrophoretic analysis of the separation products of the different Pgs: lane 2 is the caprine Arg-Pg bound in the ion exchange chromatography column (see figure no.
The mixture is filtered and made up to a known volume, and the calcium content measured by either ion exchange chromatography or atomic absorption spectroscopy.
Following removal of the free [Mg.sup.2+] by ion exchange chromatography, the previously observed block of the NMDA-induced currents was abolished.
Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) takes advantage of several aspects unique to antisense drugs.
Tosoh Corporation (Shinnanyo-shi, Japan) has patented a method for separating long chain nucleic acids such as plasmids from contaminants including protein, RNA, DNA and mixtures thereof by using hydrophobic interaction chromatography or hydrophobic interaction chromatography and ion exchange chromatography. To carry out hydrophobic interaction chromatography, first and second columns containing first and second column materials are used.
Usually, reversed and ion exchange chromatography are performed in aqueous media with small to large amounts of polar organic solvents (methanol, acetonitrile or isopropanol).
In addition, we performed ESI-MS on various chromatographic fractions obtained using both affinity and ion exchange chromatography.
(6.) Herb Wagner of John Labatt Limited discusses his poster "The Determination of Sulfite in Beer Using Ion Exchange Chromatography and Pulsed Amperometric Detection," with several interested colleagues." (7.) Mel Feit explains an aspect of his work from the poster, "Multiresidue Pestiide Surveillance Program PPB Screening for 150 Compounds." (8.) Dr.