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In order to get more insight about the origin of the PL enhancement from Si-NCs in the samples with Ag (or Au) ion implantation, studies of PL intensity in function of excitation photon fluence and time resolved photoluminescence were carried out.
Current surface treatments applied on porous NiTi consist of thermal annealing, oxygen plasma immersion ion implantation, pre-soaking in SBF solution, HA coatings, TiN and TiO2-PVD coatings, chemical treatment and combinations thereof.
This paper aim to implementation a technological solution for prolonging the tool life of the cutting tools from two aspects--processing the cutting edges by two methods: (1) coating and (2) ion implantation.
The Varian Control System (VCS) executes, monitors, controls and records the state of many independent operations utilizing the VIISta single wafer ion implantation platform in order to ensure high quality implanter performance in semiconductor manufacturing facilities.
Tanaka, "Preparation and properties of W-containing diamond-like carbon films by magnetron plasma source ion implantation," Surface and Coatings Technology, vol.
Ion Implantation: ion implantation is a process which involves the introduction of a small and economical amount of atoms of any element into the surface of the material with a beam of high velocity ions, without modifying the surface finish or the bulk properties of the underlying material and is independent of thermodynamic constraints.
They aren't high energy in the nuclear physics sense, he says, but are high energy compared to ion implantation. Traditionally, these are between 200 kev to 3 MeV or higher for certain specific goals.
Tech-Ni-Plant is the largest centre for ion implantation in Europe and has been providing a commercial service to industry for over seven years.
The ion implantation approach is used because it results in uniformity, reproducibility, low cost and high throughput.
This approach is inspired by a recent blueprint for the implementation of a surface code using donors in silicon, Permitting fault-tolerant operation even with the limited positional accuracy of ion implantation. Loqo-motions assembles a comprehensive set of tools required to explore and exploit physically mobile spins, Including: Versatile single- donor spin measurement, Coupling of donor spins and optically-addressable defect spins, And cryogenic scanning of probe spins over static spins to generate entanglement.
Bhatia, "Ion implantation challenges for patterned media at areal densities over 5 tbpsi," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol.
In fact, various well-established techniques such as plasma ion implantation have been proposed to produce silver-containing coatings [23].