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Their paper, published today in the journal Nature Materials, explains why these detergents, called ionic liquids, are better electrolytes than current materials and can improve supercapacitors.
Poly(ionic liquid)s also draw great attention in the field of heavy metal ions adsorption.
[50] used room temperature ionic liquid [Amim][BF4] to modify surface of carbon-ceramic electrode for simultaneous electrochemical determination of dopamine (DA) and acetaminophen (AP) (Fig.
This information can be extended to engineer enzymes for biodegradation of novel solvents known as ionic liquids, which are salt in a liquid state.
One author is an inventor on patents of ionic liquids for oral delivery and a shareholder of Liquideon.
This polymer coating resists the breakdown by gastric acids in the gut as well as dissolves when it reaches a more alkaline environment in the small intestine, where the ionic liquid carrying insulin is released.
The electrocrystallization of the hexagonal Cu-Sn prism, which is difficult to achieve in an aqueous solution, was obtained for the first time in a [Emim][DCA] ionic liquid at room temperature.
After deposition, the samples were rinsed with ethanol to ensure removal of the ionic liquid and subsequently dried under vacuum.
reported that silicalite-1-modified HY zeolite (HY/silicalite-1) as a catalyst could effectively enhance the selectivity of glucose, significantly reduce the hydrolysis temperature, and greatly increase the yield of glucose to 50.8% within 8 h in the ionic liquid [Emim]Cl under the same reaction conditions as compared to the non-modified HY catalyst (Table 2, entry 8) [235].
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