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IONSInstitute of Noetic Sciences
IONSINTEX (Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment) Ozonesonde Network Study
IONSIndian Ocean Naval Symposium (multi-national conference)
IONSIsolated Old Neutron Stars (astronomy)
IONSInstitute of Oceanography, Nova Scotia
IONSInformation Operations, Networks & Space (US Army)
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But research focused on the adsorption of binary or complex mixtures of heavy metal ions from contaminated water has remained marginal [5, 6].
Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area , a popular hiking location in northern Taiwan, tops the list for having highest volume of negative ions, with as many as 1,854 negative ions per cubic centimeter detected along its hiking trails, and up to 27,192 negative ions per cubic centimeter detected around the area's waterfalls.
When the chlorine atom in the electrolyte was replaced by a negative cluster ion created by one boron atom and four fluorine atoms, it helped the lithium ions to flow easily.
Metal atoms in the vapor trail get some of their electrons torn away by other charged atoms and molecules in the ionosphere, transforming the metal atoms into electrically charged ions.
The opposite results in their paper showed that more detailed studies are obviously needed to confirm the interaction mechanism between Bt toxin and metal ions. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, this work has not been reported.
Learning more about how ions affect wakefulness and sleep may eventually lead to a better understanding of sleep, consciousness and coma, Nedergaard says.
The PVC samples will be used for ion implantation and irradiated with the accelerated lead ions at potentials 0 Volts, 100 volts and 300 volts.
It is clear from this table that the ratio of anionic part represented by vanadate and tungstate ions in the ion exchanger is higher than that of cationic part represented by zirconium ions; this result confirms that the anionic part in the prepared ion exchange material is responsible for the ion exchange process inside the ion exchanger rather than the cationic part [17].
Metal ions solutions were prepared by dissolving appropriate amount of metal salts in double distilled water.
The results obtained by the joint Indo-German research project open up the possibility of conducting future chemical experiments to generate molecular ions at temperatures as low as those that prevail in interstellar space.
It is designed to release a high level of plasmacluster ions at 20 degrees upward angle that is varied along every part of the interior of the car by the Coanda effect.
The ionizer is a filament assembly that generates ions directly inside the trap through electron impact of gas molecules.