IPCIIslamic Propagation Centre International (Canada)
IPCIInternational Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (Brazilian tree conservation)
IPCIInternational Palliative Care Initiative (est. 1999)
IPCIInternational Polished Concrete Institute (Norris, TN)
IPCIIn Perpetuum Cum Infamia (Latin: Life Long Dismission with Shame)
IPCIInitial Product Configuration Identification
IPCIIndirect Practice Cost Index (US DHHS)
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Apres investigation menee conjointement par l'Institut national d'hygiene publique, l'Institut pasteur de Cote d'Ivoire (IPCI), la direction de coordination du Programme elargi de vaccination (PEV) et l'OMS, tous les malades des differents cas evoques plus haut ont ete declares gueris.
The most likely IPCI for any subject type is the mean value in the distribution for that subject type.
Petrofac will lead the consortium for the execution of the IPCI project and subject to satisfactory conclusion of the OBE and successful contract conversion, it is contemplated that the IPCI project will move into a second phase, in excess of $3.5 billion, for a polyethylene plant comprising two streams each producing 400,000 tonnes per annum of product.
He was highly disturbed by Christian missionaries knocking on the doors of Muslims [to share their faith] in South Africa at that time," Shabir Basha, IPCI representative, told Gulf News.
Index of the performance capacity increase (IPCI, fig.4) shows an average level of development, with an assessment mean from coaches' part of 2.93 points, 2.54 points as assessed by coach M1, 3.2 points as assessed by coach M2 and 3.05 points--coach M3; all the means of the coaches prove a poor homogeneity in the experimental group;
To achieve the target, the Government decided to make public offer of shares of six PSUs namely CMC (Formerly Computer Maintenance Corporation), IPCI (Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.) IBP (earlier Indo-Burma Petroleum) now controlled by Indian Oil Corporation, Dredging Corporation of India, the Oil and natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and GAI (formerly Gas Authority of India).
It is into this field of public cultural contestation that Ahmed Deedat and the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) entered from the 1970s onwards, in what became an interestingly orchestrated conjunction of transnational and localized religious debates (see Westerlund 2003; Sadouni 2007b and Vahed forthcoming).
Consequently, Deedat together with two of his Muslim friends founded in 1957 the Islamic Propagation Center International (IPCI) in Durban and published a variety of books and offered classes to new Muslims.
Though partly inspired by global, American-dominated styles of evangelism on the one hand and by internationally distributed Islamic material emanating mainly from Saudi Arabia and the IPCI in South Africa on the other, most of the media and print materials we collected were home-grown--created by local authors, published or processed by local companies, and disseminated to predominantly local audiences.
The top 10 performing emerging markets in the world for the year to 31/1/98 Country Index Performance in $[%] Botswana BSE 89% Russia ASP100 64% Romania BIG BSE 52% Morocco USI 28% Portugal BTA 26% Ghana Databank 22% Lebanon BLOM 19% Turkey ISE COMP 17% Mexico IPCI 16% Brazil IBOVESPA 14% Source: Flemings Emerging Market Focus, 1998
Sur instruction du ministre, des equipes de l'Institut national d'hygiene publique (INHP), de la Direction de coordination du programme elargi de vaccination (DCPEV) et de l'Institut pasteur de Cote d'Ivoire (IPCI) ont mene une investigation epidemiologique du 15 au 17 juillet 2019 afin de mieux caracteriser les cas, determiner l'ampleur de l'epidemie, evaluer le risque de propagation et orienter la strategie de lutte.