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IPHISIntegrated Public Health Information System
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Patroclus lay on the other side of the room, and with him fair Iphis whom Achilles had given him when he took Scyros the city of Enyeus.
10) Syrinx nimpha Ponos; Ero Leandri; Phyllis, filia Lycurgi regis Thracum Demophontis; Iphis, Patrocli; Smilax, Croci; Glicera, Pausiae Sicyonis pictoris; Campsape Alexandri, quam Alexander ipse muneri dedit Apelli pictori.
In order to assess the statistical properties of each disease and assess seasonal trends, historical data were obtained from either iPHIS or PHOL.
The object and purpose of Iphis and Anaxarete are less clear.
She's played Iphis twice before to considerable critical acclaim, but says this production is with a completely different cast giving her interpretation new nuances.
Early scholarship on Iphis tried to deduce a pattern underlying the types of desire catalogued within this narrative set.
Like Dionysus, it was essentially transgressive, as in the tale of Cinyras and Myrhha, and magical, as for Iphis and Ianthe.
As Christine cites the Ovidian tales, she reminds her readers that a text or tale can embody several simultaneous (often conflicting) meanings, just as the bodies of Ulysses' men, Tiresias, Iphis, Fortune, as well as her own body, can contain many different realities and occasion many different interpretations.
Topics include the binary opposition of medieval exegetical discourse, the genealogy the fable of Iphis and Ianthe and its reflection of the development of heteronormality, the role of comfort and discomfort in non-conformity, Rousseau's take on sexual difference, Gautier's questions on sexual identity, Sand's questions on sexual convergence, odes on Socrates made to order for a lesbian audience, the coexistence of male and female in Proust, the symbolic sexual identity of Tiresias, the homoeroticism of Genet, the groundbreaking homosexual French films of the 1970s, the new spaces of Barthes and Ozon in the French southwest, Houellebecq's disillusion, and the various fates of the modern gay novel in France.
For me, however, it was Fflur Wyn as the daughter Iphis who stole the honours last night, her voice quite beautiful and her role an extremely moving one as she prepares for death.
There is indeed a parallel here with the Latin poem, according to which the girl Iphis was from birth disguised as a boy.