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IPHISIntegrated Public Health Information System
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Patroclus lay on the other side of the room, and with him fair Iphis whom Achilles had given him when he took Scyros the city of Enyeus.
Too cruel for Handel and certainly for his privileged Covent Garden public, in his oratorio version, an angel appears at the last moment and Iphis is spared.
The successful application of CUSUM methodology in the research project, staff's concerns about the number of false positive warnings from the existing EARS program, and the ability to visualize the SPC methods created an opportunity to develop temporal aberrant event detection methods with improved sensitivity and specificity, using Ontario's reportable infectious disease data from iPHIS and representative laboratory testing data from the PHO Laboratory (PHOL).
The object and purpose of Iphis and Anaxarete are less clear.
She's played Iphis twice before to considerable critical acclaim, but says this production is with a completely different cast giving her interpretation new nuances.
Early scholarship on Iphis tried to deduce a pattern underlying the types of desire catalogued within this narrative set.
Like Dionysus, it was essentially transgressive, as in the tale of Cinyras and Myrhha, and magical, as for Iphis and Ianthe.
1061-93); and Iphis, a princess raised as a boy, was transformed into a man as she was about to marry a woman (ll.
The other contenders on the shortlist included a poetry collection by Mick Imlah, The Lost Leader; Ali Smith's rewritten Iphis and Ianthe, Girl Meets Boy; and an essay collection by Andrew O'Hagan, The Atlantic Ocean.
After a chapter on metamorphosis and homosexuality in Ovid's 'Iphis and Ianthe' and related tales, Part III culminates in a chapter exploring variations on this myth in six Early Modern dramas ranging from the well-known--John Lyly's Gallathea (1592)--to the obscure--Charles Hopkins' Friendship Improv'd; Or, The Female Warriour (1700).
This last one based on "Anaea" iphis Latreille, 1813, that according to COMSTOCK (1961), belongs to the Memphis Hubner genus, as well as three Prepona Bsd.
Topics include the binary opposition of medieval exegetical discourse, the genealogy the fable of Iphis and Ianthe and its reflection of the development of heteronormality, the role of comfort and discomfort in non-conformity, Rousseau's take on sexual difference, Gautier's questions on sexual identity, Sand's questions on sexual convergence, odes on Socrates made to order for a lesbian audience, the coexistence of male and female in Proust, the symbolic sexual identity of Tiresias, the homoeroticism of Genet, the groundbreaking homosexual French films of the 1970s, the new spaces of Barthes and Ozon in the French southwest, Houellebecq's disillusion, and the various fates of the modern gay novel in France.