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IPUTInstitute of Physics, University of Tartu (Estonia)
IPUTInformed Parents United Together (Florida)
IPUTInternational Parallel Union of Telecommunications
IPUTIrish Property Unit Trust (est. 1967; Ireland)
IPUTIn-Plant Users Test
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Here is the passage in John Trevisa's translation: "be senewe schrinkeb and riueleb as parchemyne iput in be fure, and berfore be weye of spritis in be synewes is istopped and be vertue of lif and of reuling is ilette." Bartholomaeus Anglicus, On the Properties of Things: John Trevisa's Translation of Bartholomaeus Anglicus De proprietatibus rerum: A Critical Text, gen.
In 2001, as a founder of IPUT (International Parallel Union of Telecommunication), Szentjoby made a project 'Given: Strike', covering the cleft on the door of Duchampian 'etant donne' with the sign--'Strike'.
IPUT it to him that, rightly or wrongly, one of the more frequent criticisms of racing administration centre on the cost of the Turf Club.
IPUT the bins out for the first time ever this week.
He added that earlier excavations at the site had revealed the pyramid of King Teti's two wives, Khuit and Iput.
IPUT down a deposit on a brand new house but a year later the builder changed the type of property on offer and increased the cost by pounds 100,000.