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IRADIllinois Regional Archives Depository (Northeastern Illinois University)
IRADInternational Registry of Acute Aortic Dissection
IRADIndependent Research And Development
IRADInternal Research and Development
IRADInstitut de Recherche Agricole pour le Developpement (Cameroon)
IRADIBM Rational Application Developer
IRADInvoluntary Release from Active Duty
IRADInstitute of Registration Agents and Dealers
IRADImotong Ranges Association for Development
IRADInternational RPN Appreciation Day (celebrating Reverse Polish Notation)
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Assuming program offices and contractors correctly follow the funding test for determination of rights, it is reasonable to expect that the level of private IRAD funding should correlate to the level of FAR 6.
The department has also proposed a new rule to require that--in procurements for major defense acquisition programs and major automated information systems in a development phase--contracting officials must adjust the total evaluated cost/price of a contractor proposal to account for its proposed reliance on government-funded IRAD projects.
In the IRAD analysis, the pulse deficit is more in Type A dissection than in Type B dissection (19-30% vs.
Adult male Wistar rats were obtained from the animal house of the faculty of science of the university of Yaounde I, Cameroon and transported in plastic cages to IRAD Wakwa-Ngaoundere.
Doing More with Less: How Networking and Training Create Records Program Success" by Carol Choksy with IRAD Strategic Consulting Inc.
At IRAD centers--not all of which have vast experience--perioperative mortality in type A aortic dissections is 27%.
El segundo es un homenaje a la memoria de Edmundo Valades, y por eso su apoyo principal es el cuento, otra vez, en manos de escritores nacionales y extranjeros: Poli Delano, Yasunari Kawabata, Heirich Boll, Alfred Anderssch, Guillermo Samperio, Raul Dorra, Guillermo Vega Zaragoza, Alberto Chimal, Irad Nieto, Glafira Rocha, Adolfo Vergara Trujillo, Yanna Hadatty, Marcelo Baez, Omar Balladares y Lucrecia Maldonado.
The ritual also includes provisions for a journey to dynastic shrines: Masad of Nirar, Lub, Irad, Uduhudu, Niap and Binas.
The MoreVRP implementation at ooVoo exemplifies the clear benefits that we are delivering today for customers, who are seeking to achieve maximum performance for their backend database and 'big data' applications," said Irad Deutsch, CTO, MORE.
Quotation are invited for Insitu fitting of pressure tube inside prefilter pit of Hot Cell exhaust ventilation system,modification on Isolation door for free operation ,projected Mild Steel EP grinding for properly closing of Hot Cell Access door,providing DOP test sampling point on filter bank door, air sampling points on exhaust duct of AHCAFRTA, IRAD at A-Block, CFB, North Site, BARC, Mumbai.
Commercial firms often invest 10 to 20 percent of revenues into IRAD (internal R&D).