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IRANInspect, Repair As Necessary
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However, the situation is bleak as Iran does not find other signatories fulfilling their commitments, while it adhered to the deal for five years despite Washington's withdrawal in 2018.
Eight terrorist attacks in Balochistan during current month, closing of Pakistani oil well drilling in deep sea water very near to Gwadar and just 300 nautical miles away from Iran, and tension around Gwadar sea water are cards of American new war game design.
He went on to say US economic sanctions against Iran are a routine matter.
In May 2018, the US announced its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) between Iran and 5+1 (US, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany).
Frustration may well make Iran a more aggressive and less predictable player in the region.
Referring to the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project, he said that Iran had laid the pipeline up to few kilometers back to its border with Pakistan at the cost of billions of dollars.
Ajam, the first minister counsellor of the foreign ministry in eastern iran , said his country was in talks with Pakistan to facilitate the visitors.
Today I'd like to address Iran's alarming and ongoing provocations that export terror and violence, destabilizing more than one country at a time.
"Iran's path in the course of achieving nuclear technology has been right and it will never be stopped," he said ahead of a fresh round of nuclear talks between Iran and major world powers scheduled for May 13 in the Austrian capital of Vienna.
During an interview with BBC the former British foreign secretary Jack Straw said on July 4 that he was not naive about Iran, but things were looking "more hopeful" with the new president-elect Hassan Rouhani.
Others argue that Iran is increasingly isolated and that is foreign policy is ineffective.