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IRCopInternet Relay Chat Operator
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The synchronization and integration of both IRCOP and the FIRRB are critical for commanders at each echelon to ensure their IWfF's requirements are met and captures the overarching readiness for each level of warfighting: tactical, operational, and strategic.
In concert with IRCOP, FORSCOM G2 created a collaborative intelligence forum to complement the data produced by IRCOP that will allow Senior Intelligence Officers (SIO) from multi-echelon formations to provide feedback and identify critical Intelligence shortcomings in their preparation for deployments or major training events.
The obtained ferrite composites were named according to the metal and the colloid protector (PVP or CMC) used in the process of anchoring metal ions on the originally pure IR resin, for instance, when cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), cupper (Cu), or nickel (Ni) were used with PVP (P), the ferrite composites were called IRCoP, IRMnP, IRCuP, or IRNiP, respectively, and when these ions were used with CMC (C) instead, the ferrite composites were called IRCoC, IRMnC, IRCuC, or IRNiC, respectively.