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IEInternet Explorer (Microsoft)
IEId Est (Latin: That Is)
IEIn Effect
IEInformation Element (ATMF)
IEIreland (top level domain name)
IEInformation Exchange
IEIndustrial Engineering
IEInstituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain business school)
IEInformation Engineering
IEInternational Education
IEInstitute of Education (UK)
IEInteractive Entertainment (International Conference)
IEInformation Environment
IEIn Essence
IEInclusive Education
IEInformation Extraction
IEIntelligent Enterprise
IEInland Empire (southern California)
IEInland Empire (California)
IEIndustrial Engineer
IEInternational Economy (commerical carriage modality; FedEx)
IEInternational Exchange
IEIon Exchange
IEIndustrial Ethernet (extreme operating environments)
IEIndividual Events
IEInference Engine
IEInside Edition (TV show)
IEInstrument Engineer
IEIndustrial Ecology
IEInitial Evaluation
IEIarnród Éireann (Irish Rail)
IEIndividual Entrepreneur (various locations)
IEInitial Equipment
IEIonization Energy
IEIn Exception
IEInfective Endocarditis
IEImprov Everywhere (comedy group)
IEIced Earth (band)
IEInitial Elevation (line)
IEIndustry Executive
IEInstitute of Energy
IEImmediate Export (logistics)
IEInformation Expert
IEInfrared Emission
IEInitiating Event
IEIndividual Equipment
IESolomon Airlines (airline code)
IEInternal Examination
IEInput Enable
IEInterrupt Enable Register (Intel 8051 Microcontroller register)
IEInhale Exhale
IEIntellectual Elites
IEInstrumental Enrichment
IEIndependent Engineer (job title)
IEInvestment Entity (IRS Form 5500)
IEInterior Elements (furniture industry)
IEInteractive Encyclopedia
IEInvestment Efficiency
IEInstitute of Export
IEIntegration Engineering
IEInternational eCommerce
IEIdle End
IEImprovement Era (LDS Church)
IEIniezione Elettronica (Italian: electronic injection)
IEInspiration Expiration (ratio)
IEIrradiation Effect
IEIridescent Effect
IEIncome Endowment (life insurance)
IEInternationale Enheder (Danish: International Units; medicine)
IEIndemnité d'Expatriation (French: Expatriation Allowance)
IEIgnition Electrode
IEInstrumental Engineering
IEInspector Examiner (US FAA)
IEInstrument Earth
IEInstrument Examiner
IEIndustry and Environment Office of UNEP
IEInverted Elevation
IEInsurer's Examination (Canada)
IEIndependent Evaluation/Evaluator
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But however, she is so far from well, that her kind friends the Campbells think she had better come home, and try an air that always agrees with her; and they have no doubt that three or four months at Highbury will entirely cure her and it is certainly a great deal better that she should come here, than go to Ireland, if she is unwell.
He devoted some of his very numerous pamphlets to defending the Irish, and especially the English who formed the governing class in Ireland, against oppression by England.
A Modest Proposal,' the proposal, namely, that the misery of the poor in Ireland should be alleviated by the raising of children for food, like pigs, is one of the most powerful, as well as one of the most horrible, satires which ever issued from any human imagination.
have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding for the sale of a 60% interest in Glanbia's Dairy Ireland segment to Glanbia Co-op, the company said.
As well as competing for the title, the agents experienced many of the key visitor attractions that the island of Ireland has to offer.
The group s itinerary designed by FEiilte Ireland included tours of Kilbeggan Distillery and Athlone Castle in Co Westmeath; a fun puzzle trail through the streets of Galway city, a cruise on the Corrib Princess and a guided tour of Kylemore Abbey; as well as a cruise to Cong, Co Mayo, where a specially-commissioned statue to commemorate the characters in The Quiet Man was unveiled.
Roaming charges between the Southern Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be abolished from April this year by O2 Ireland, a mobile operator.
The English poor law commissioners mandated that Ireland be blanketed with regimented workhouses, one for each union.
Now the student can come home from work or school, relax and then log-on for a 20- or 40-minute English class with a native speaker in Ireland.
Teacher education in Northern Ireland, like many other aspects of public life in Northern Ireland, has a history which shows evidence of sectarian struggle.
One such pioneer is Loretta Yurick, co-artistic director of Dance Theatre of Ireland, a contemporary dance company based in Don Laoghaire, County Dublin.
The clip of Ireland and O'Neal's exchange - Shaq twice dropped a profanity, once to describe the officiating and the other when Ireland reminded him the interview was indeed live - was well circulated on sports-highlights shows that night, and for days afterward, tempered somewhat by the other hubbub from the Super Bowl halftime show lowlights.