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Security features include a watermark portrait, security thread and iridescent effect as well as a broad hologram foil stripe and a series of 100s printed on the back of the note which, if viewed while tilting the note, appear to change colour.
Last month this Del Laboratories division rolled out Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, revolutionary nail polish product containing microfine reflectants to create eight luminous shades Executives said Nail Prisms use an exclusive three-dimensional system t mimic the bright iridescent effect found on pearls and butterfly wings Each bottle combines various color that change in the presence of light and were derived from several industries.
The products use state-of-the-art pigment, film and coating technologies to capture the nacre of a South Seas pearl and the bright iridescent effect found on butterfly wings and peacock feathers.
"Tempera is obtained by mixing colour pigment with egg yolk and using a gesso panel (plaster surface), the paint being applied in many layers, mainly with small brushes, thus creating an iridescent effect.
Sometimes the warp and weft yarns are different colors to create an iridescent effect.
Consisting of tiny particles arrayed in orderly patterns on smooth glass plates, such surfaces interact with light to create a strongly iridescent effect.
The whole iridescent effect is none too dissimilar to Ronnie Spector fronting The Inspiral Carpets at a shindig thrown by The Archies.
The tiles have alternate matt and shimmering particles giving off an iridescent effect.
``Purples, burgundy and deep pinks have a shot of gold in them for a more iridescent effect, as seen on the autumn/winter catwalks.''
Coveting the well- preserved secrets of Moorish potters, Deruta in Umbria was the first town to produce lusterware, a highly sophisticated technique involving the layering of colors and a third firing to create a dizzying gold and red iridescent effect. In Faenza, another particular style, known as raphaelesque, emerged.
Two-tone fabrics are another big fashion story this autumn and Lindsey tried a full-length orange silk dress which had an iridescent effect. "The dress was gorgeous, I felt like a film star," Lindsey said.